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This has been a rough year for all of us: the pandemic, the economy, the political and racial strife - it's been too much at times. As professionals, it may be that your work has been disrupted, non-work issues have made life difficult, or both!

Yet, there is plenty for which we should be grateful. In fact, being grateful has a positive impact on our physical and emotional health. I highly encourage you to take a few minutes and create a "things I'm grateful for" list. Encourage your team to do it as well.

Here is part of my list:

  • I'm grateful that my family and I have stayed healthy during a difficult time.

  • I'm grateful that we had the resources and support to survive some difficult times, times that caused huge damage to some families.

  • I'm grateful for the loving support I get from my wife, daughters, and family/friends. When I do things (even stupid things) they are there for me with encouragement, love, and understanding.

  • I'm grateful for colleagues, some of whom have become friends, who challenge me and make me a better professional and person.

  • I'm grateful for anyone who helped me "just because they could" not because they were trying to get something out of it.

  • I'm grateful that I've found something professionally that brings me such joy and excitement. Even the worst days fly by because I'm doing something I love.

  • I'm grateful for all of you who read these posts. Hopefully you learn a little that helps you be a great manager.

That list is by no means exhaustive. However, it gives you a feel for how much gratitude plays in my life.

In terms of being a great manager, if your team doesn't know how much you appreciate them.... let's just say you aren't quite at the great level yet. Keep working - you can do it.

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