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Flexibility with Inflexible Workplaces

One study of workers indicated that 88% would be looking for flexility in hours and location when they look for their next job. This was done with knowledge workers, which makes some degree of sense.

What is intriguing me is how this might impact those businesses that don't necessarily have that flexibility. Think of retail or restaurants. Can my local grocery store, that I expect to be open and staffed at regular hours, offer any flexibility?

I'm not sure, but my guess is yes. It may require a lot of creative thinking and experimentation, but it can be done. I have no idea if any of this would work, but here are some ideas.

  • Set staffing requirements and let the employees pick the date and times they work. This may give you more or fewer employees than needed, so there will have to be some process for that, but you give them the flexibility.

  • Use employees for more than just the place-specific role. For example, you may have a grocery checkout person who is also on a committee designed to improve checkout processes. The checkout work needs to be done in the store, but the committee work could be done remotely.

  • Adjust hours of operation. My store probably doesn't need to be open as late as it is. Or maybe it needs to be more flexible in times. Really look at when sales match staffing.

What other ideas can you come up with?

FYI... I think remote for knowledge workers will greatly impact these other businesses. Before, my shopping was limited to nights or weekends because of my job. With flexibility, I can go anytime. How does that impact the grocery store?

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