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Don't Ask for Feedback; Ask for Advice

"Feedback makes someone a critic, advice makes someone a partner."

Great managers give feedback to their team. But they don't always get good feedback from their manager or others. Anyone who has tried asking for "feedback" knows that it usually gets you nowhere.

However, asking for advice is a great way to get feedback, and ensure it is targeted to the specific area with which you are concerned.

For example, instead of asking for feedback on how you led a meeting, ask someone for advice. "Maria, I'm not sure I did a good job getting everyone to participate in the last meeting. Do you have any advice that might help me get everyone involved next time?"

The added benefit is that when others see you are open to feedback and willing to really listen, they will start to give feedback unprompted. Maybe not in the exact format you like, but it will be there.

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