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Disconnect Properly

At one point in my life, I was a workaholic. I loved the challenge, I loved the praise for being do dedicated, I love the thought that I was too busy to have a life. In other words, I loved all the wrong things.

As a manager, realize that your words and actions set the tone for your team. If you tell them that they should disconnect, yet you are sending emails at 2 am or calling in to check on things on your day off, you are sending mixed messages. Employees will hear what you say (disconnect), but see you are doing the opposite and will start to think that they have to do that as well.

Employees take their cues from what you DO more than what you SAY.

I don't send emails late at night and I surely don't send emails to people who are on vacation.

I don't check and respond to emails when I am on vacation.

I clearly communicate to my team that they can reach out to me, but it had better be an emergency.

Most importantly, I come back refreshed and recharged, so they see I really did take time off. They see how important I take it and how it helps me succeed.

Show them with your actions, not only with your words.

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