Curiosity Leads to Development

Updated: May 30

One way to help people with their development goals is to foster a sense of curiosity. Feel free to read this article if you want some ideas on how to foster curiosity. 

Why does curiosity help? Being curious is a natural motivator to learn more about a topic or skill. The curious person asks questions, reads, experiments, and exerts effort in order to quell that curiosity.

In short, people will be more engaged and put in greater effort towards that which they are curious. 

With an employee, when discussing what they want to do for their development plan ask what they are curious about at work. What have the wondered about, what don’t they understand, etc.?

Curiosity takes people on amazing journeys sometimes. It doesn’t necessarily require a great deal of creativity, but it can bring about creative solutions that exceed everyone’s expectations.

If you want to see how curiosity can have a positive impact on a business, read about how 3M functions and how the invention of the Post-It Note was a mistake, until someone was curious enough to find a way to use and market it.