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Compliments: The Most Underused Reward

Every once in a while, there is an article that makes me go "hmmm" (a reference that only children of the 90s will get). This recent article on HBR fits the bill.

The premise is simple and undeniable - compliments are good and people enjoy them. Yet, we don't give them enough. Why?

The article does a great job of showing that one reason is that the giver of the compliment underestimates the value of the compliment. It then explores some of the other reasons why we don't give compliments (don't think we can deliver them sincerely, etc.).

The takeaway of the article - give the compliment, be sincere, and do it often. You will get better at it and it will start to create a "culture of gratitude" - which can only help your employee engagement. It will also have a bigger positive impact than you think.

My challenge for you: spend 60 seconds thinking of something that you genuinely appreciate about an employee (something they did recently or something they do all the time) and go give them the compliment right away.

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