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CEO Disease

CEO disease: when you are so high up in the company that you only hear the things you want to hear and are out of touch with the day-to-day operations.

The thing is, it doesn't only happen to CEO's, or only the C-Suite for that matter. It can happen to the front line manager as well. What happens in that case is that the manager starts to interact more with peers and with the middle-managers. Maybe even starts thinking about what is needed for a promotion to that next level.

Once that happens, the manager loses focus on the team and the things they are doing. The relationships become frayed (if they were even built at all). The team feels under-appreciated because they are doing all the work and the manager doesn't even know what they are doing.

Yes, you have to focus on the relationship with your manager and your peers. However, your first concern is your team. Without them getting results, you are useless - maybe even seen as a detriment.

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