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Can You Care Too Much?

One of the most important tools in your manager toolbox is caring. Caring about the individuals that you work with, regardless of whether they are your direct reports, is a key characteristic of Great Managers.

I've talked a great deal about caring in various areas and explained the behaviors you need. So today I am going to answer a different question: Can you care too much?

The idea of caring too much is only valid if you think that you have to keep some emotional distance because you need to make clear-cut business decisions. Old-school thinking is that you may have to make hard decisions, so best not to get too close.

That thinking insults your team. They know that you sometimes have to make tough decisions. They understand the way the world works. And if you are honest with everyone throughout the process, they won't expect favored status simply because you care.

Caring also means we tell people the truth, even when it is hard. When you really care about someone, you tell them how to be their best and are honest with them.

Care about your team - everyone will perform and feel better.

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