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Book Review: Crucial Conversations

Way too many managers - and people in general - are bad at crucial conversations. This book provides a good framework and understanding of crucial conversations.

I love how the book defined a crucial conversation: it is a conversation where emotions are high, opinions are different, and the stakes are high. What I learned was that these can be the conditions for only one of the parties. A manager may not think any of those things, but if the employee does, then it becomes a potentially negative situation because one sees it as crucial and the other doesn't.

The book provides a framework for how to best address crucial conversations. If you want a summary of the book, this video does a great job of explaining it in under 7 minutes.

To me, this is a great book to read together as a team and discuss in a team meeting. It gets everyone thinking on the same page and helps you as the manager understand your employees better.

A must read for the team.

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