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Bad Corporate Terms

Pet Peeve of the week - bad corporate terms.

There are the usual ones: human resources, human capital, etc. I understand where they come from and the intention of the terms. However, words matter. What words we use and how we use them tell stories themselves.

For example, if your company mission statements focus on how your people are the most important assets of the organization, the intention is a positive and to communicate how highly you value your people. Except the term "asset" is as inhuman as any term out there. An asset is a thing. People are not things. It tells employees that you see them as a tool to be used (even if it is a valuable tool) as opposed to a person.

We get rid of tools when we don't need them anymore. Is that the message you want to send to people? That they second they aren't valuable you will throw them away? Many companies do, but the company that values people presumably wouldn't.

Evaluate all the terms your company uses and determine if they accurately portray how you want the company to react.

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