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AI Is Inevitable, How Will You React?

AI is going to become more and more part of our lives - it already is part of yours, even if you don't know it. How does it impact managers and how will you react? That is going to be the question that will be answered over the next several years.

Here is what we know at this point, AI is an awesome tool that will help organizations be more efficient, effective, and intelligent. No organization should shy away from it.

As a manager, you may not know a ton about AI, how your organization is using it, or how it works. That is Ok, what you do need to know is how to work with it. More specifically, how do you work with it so that you can use its strengths and your strengths.

The one thing that AI is not good at is building relationships with your employees and supporting them during development. It doesn't matter how smart the AI gets at learning and recommending, your team still sees it as a machine. Which means things like empathy, respect, understanding, etc. - they will come to you.

The things that only you can do are critical. Employees value those things more than what AI brings. Which means you aren't competing with AI, you are adding value to the AI.

Don't fight AI. Figure out how to use it to add value and how you need to change to add value. It can be your friend if you let it.

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