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30% of Managers are Toxic

Research from 2016 indicated that approximately 30% of managers are considered toxic by their employees. I wonder how that number differs after going through the Covid pandemic?

Based on my own observations, the number is probably fairly static, but the changes are visible in the extremes. Some managers become better after the pandemic and some became worse. In 2016, the ratings of managers was probably a bell curve (slightly bigger towards the negative end). Currently, it is more of a barbell look - higher on the upper and lower ends and lower in the middle.

I'd like to say I am optimistic that the pandemic will change things. The realization that people are important and the great resignation will force companies to change or die.

I don't believe that.

I believe we will see some shift, but most of it will be talking points that no one really believes. I see companies talk about change, but then never really change. I see leaders who are blind to the reality of the situation and have no desire to see reality.

I do believe that the companies that focus on great managers will thrive in the long run. Those that don't will disappear and blame other factors. Don't expect the number of toxic managers to decrease, just spend time identifying them and staying away from them.

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