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The Underused Zoom Feature

Most professionals have gotten pretty good at the Zoom meeting now. We've been doing it for so long that it isn't something new anymore. That doesn't mean it is as efficient and effective as it could be.

One big issue I have is the subtle cue. A good facilitator notices subtle cues of people who have something to say and steer the conversation so they can contribute. It may be the way they change how they sit or opening their mouth or any number of non-verbal cues. Looking at people through a screen makes it difficult to see those cues.

This hurts the meeting because people who want to contribute may not get a chance. If you have one or two powerful personalities, it could overshadow the whole meeting.

The solution - the Raise Hand feature in Zoom. I've started to ask all participants who want to share something to raise their hand and wait to be called on. This prevents people from talking over each other and lets me facilitate the meeting so everyone can be heard. It also ensures that we don't move on from a topic until everyone has been heard.

NOTE: Most of the video conferencing systems have a similar feature. Be sure to use it and communicate you will be using it to the team. You'll be surprised how effective and inclusive that feature can be.

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