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"Don't Make Other Managers Look Bad"

No one is HR says it that way, but the sentiment is the same. In order to make sure things are equal, they want you to stop doing certain things. In essence, stop doing the right thing because the other manager isn't.

I recently heard a story where someone told a school administrator about this innovative way to teach a topic. The administrator said "that sounds cool, but if we only had one class do it, the others would not get the same experience."

In other words, because we can't give everyone a great experience, no one should get a great experience.

Of course, this begs the questions "why can't we give everyone a great experience". The reason: some professionals aren't as good at their job. So we hold back the great ones so they don't make the good or bad ones look good or bad.

If you are making a manager look bad - good. Don't refuse to be great because someone else won't try. Nothing in the program requires special skills. Force them to live up to your standards.

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