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Be a Better Listener

78% of undergraduate business school curriculums list "presentation skills" as a learning objective.

11% of undergraduate business school curriculums list "listening" as a learning objective.

We teach that talking is significantly more important than listening. Businesses are great at saying listening is a critical skill, but just as bad (if not worse) when it comes to teaching it and holding people accountable.

If you asked 10 random employees if their manager listens to them or talks to them more, I have no doubt 10 of 10 would say talk. A group will applaud someone who just finished a great presentation, yet will have no clue if someone did a good job of listening.

Simple way to be better than everyone else in your workplace - listen more and better.

Take a class on listening.

Read a book on listening.

Pay attention to how many times you are really listening instead of talking or thinking about what you will say next.

Most people are learning how to present. To set yourself apart, learn how to listen.

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