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About Those Remote Work Percentages....

I keep seeing companies reference boxes around their remote learning policy - 3 days in the office, 50%, 75%, 100%. Why?

As adults and professionals, we should be setting up a workplace with expectations on performance and giving autonomy for everything else. The same concepts apply in a general society - we need to get things done (shopping, visiting, socializing, etc.). No one tells me I have to be 50% out of my house to do things. I just know that if the expectation is that I attend a church service, I have to leave the house and be at the location when the church service is being held. If I want to have a relationship with a friend, we figure out when and where we can meet. Sometimes it is on the phone when I am home, other times it is getting together.

Looking at a professional, I currently work with a client where they want me to be on site sometimes. I look at my calendar and see when I have to be there for a meeting or project, and I make sure I am there. If I don't, I have the autonomy to work remotely.

To make it even more insane, I know of companies that require you to be on-site several days a week, and then most meetings take place virtually. Either because people are not in the same building, didn't have time to travel, or are being cautious with the Omicron Covid cases.

It's all about the expectation and letting professionals be professional. If they are not meeting the expectation (in performance, not in location), then address that as a professional matter.

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