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Skill Development is a Requirement - Set that Expectation

One of the biggest challenges for managers today is the fact that your company is constantly needing people with new and upgraded skills to sustain success. I’ve heard that the top 5 jobs today didn’t exist 10 years ago and the top 5 jobs in 10 years don’t exist now. That may be an exaggeration, but it isn’t far off.

As a manager, you must set the expectation that all employees will be constantly developing their skill set. This isn’t a nice to have, it is a requirement. You not only have to set the expectation, you have to hold them accountable - which means they have to be reporting to you on what they are learning.

This also has the added benefit of increasing engagement. Most employees want learn new skills and improve on existing skills. Making it an expectation isn’t a burden to them, it is something they want.

Here is the big caveat: you have to give them the time to do it as well as set the expectation. Managers who tell employees they have to grow and then provide no time or encouragement for it have checked the box, but have failed the task.

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