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Do Your Employees Know What You Expect?

A classic communications activity is the “blind draw” - you’ve probably done it at some point. This is where one person is looking at a picture. They have to describe the picture to someone else who can’t see it and ask them to draw the picture. Then you compare how close the drawing was to the picture. Spoiler alert - the drawing never looks like the picture and you are supposed to learn how hard it is to accurately communicate.

My friends at DX Learning have a great infographic that says that 50% of your employees say they don’t know what is expected of them. Part of me thinks that number is too optimistic.

If employees don’t know what is expected, how can a manager believe they have set the team up for success?

The process for setting proper expectations is critical to team success. It not only sets up the team up for success, but it prevents mistrust, rework, and low engagement.

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