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What is a great manager?

Great Manager Description.png

These 2 criteria are the same regardless of profession, industry, or company.

They do this by executing on the proper 13 behaviors and having engaged employees.

What is Engagement and why does it matter?

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Engaged employees find value in what they do, love doing it, and feel like they are making a valuable contribution.

Manager Impact on Employee Engagement

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Managers are the biggest factor when it comes to engaging employees. 

70% of the impact on engagement comes from the employee's direct manager.

Most managers aren't great (or even good)

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Great Manager = Engaged Employees

Good Manager = Partially Engaged Employees

Average/Poor Manager = Unengaged or Disengaged Employees

Good, Average, and Poor Managers NEED this program.

Great Managers want this program because they know they can be even better

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