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Program Audience

Young Businessman

New Manager (in the role less than 12 months)

It isn't unusual to be promoted to manager with little or no training (or training that focuses on administrative/legal responsibilities, but nothing on how to lead a team).

The Great Manager program is the perfect thing to get the skills you need to be successful and continue growing.

Office Manager

Experienced Manager (in the role less than 12 months)

It doesn't matter how long you've been in the role, you can always be better. Also, sometimes experienced managers struggle connecting with younger staff members.

The Great Manager program is a great way to refresh and refine all those skills.

Young Student

Individual Contributor who Aspires to Manage

When the opportunity arrives, you want to now only be picked to manage, but also be ready. 

The Great Manager program not only prepares you so you can hit the ground running on day 1, it defines the skills needed in a manager, so can start to demonstrate these to company leadership.

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