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Your Employee Wants to be Coached

I read an article last year that summarized the results of a study - essentially, workers preferred to communicate with AI instead of their manager. (Link)

That is somewhat of a sensationalist headline, but some of the data is clear. Managers provide value only in certain areas - one of those areas is coaching.

Coaching still relies on expertise and experience. Employees know that there are certain areas where a manager excels, and they want that expertise. They also know there are areas where a manager doesn’t excel, but can direct them to a better coach.

I recall one situation where someone on my team told me that he wanted to move more into HR recruiting. At the time, I knew very little about recruiting and couldn’t help him. However, I was able to arrange a meeting with the HR person in the company who worked with the recruiters. She was able to coach him and help him gain skills. He ended up getting a promotion and moving to her area.

The point is clear: as technology grows and businesses change, the role of the manager has changed. Great Managers understand where they add value and focus on those areas. If you aren’t focusing on coaching, you are falling further behind every day.

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