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Time Boxing

I've decided to experiment with a new productivity concept called Time Boxing. It isn't totally new, as I think I've been doing that to a certain degree, but I've decided to add a few twists to it in my experiment.

One of my biggest challenges starting my own business is not that different from most managers - focusing on the important things. I plan out my day, but like many people, things pop up that get in the way or I'm not as disciplined as I would like in getting things done.

Time boxing might be the solution for me. Essentially, it is planning out a day or week based on "boxes" of time on the calendar. The boxes relate to a core area, but not a specific task. The discipline comes in when I set aside a box of time, that I work only on that topic.

For example, let's say I set aside 60 minutes on Monday for cold calls to prospective clients. My time box on my calendar simply says "Client Prospecting" (the larger area). I then have multiple tasks that can be done. I focus that entire 60 minutes on those tasks. This way, when I look at my calendar, I can see that I am focusing on the most important areas very quickly. If I look at a week and don't see "Client Prospecting" there, I know that I am ignoring a key part of my business.

This is how managers can avoid the lack of building relationships. Actually box out time to do it. Literally have 60 minutes (or whatever large block of time) to walking around and talking to people.

I'll keep experimenting with it - but let me know if you try it and how it works.

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