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Measure Mobility, Not Just Workforce

Companies worrying (however performative it might be) about diversity and inclusion is the norm right now. It has led to discussions on workforce balance and how companies are targeting and providing chances to people of color.

Let me state up front and unequivocally: This is good.

However, managers need to take a deeper dive into these numbers. How is your diversity when it comes to high-potential employees? How is your diversity in the promotion or stretch assignments of employees? How is your diversity in recruiting practices?

The thing all managers need to know is that there are more than enough talented people of color and women to fill spots in any area. It isn't that you are looking to give undeserved opportunities or promotions. It is that you need to make sure your biases stay out of it. Looking at the data is one way to do this. If you predominantly hire and promote people who are like you, there is an issue.

Look at your numbers - what is the data telling you. If you have to try and justify the numbers, you should start asking yourself serious questions.

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