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Book Review: Work Rules

Mr. Bock was the Chief People Officer at Google for many years and really is an innovative thinker when it comes to how we manage and lead people. It should come as no surprise that many of his ideas seem a bit "off the wall" for a normal company, but seem totally in place at Google.

My fear is that many people will read the book and say "that works great for Google, but that could never work for my company". That just isn't true. The core principles that he describes can work anywhere when adjusted for the culture.

For example, he discusses how Google uses data and small teams to test many initiatives. Any company could do this - maybe not to the extent that Google can, but it can be done well. He also talks about the role of the manager in the proper way. The manager is more coach and servant than boss.

I believe the concepts in this book are even more important in a post-Covid world.

Rating: Recommended

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