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Book Review: The Fearless Organization

This book was suggested by my friend Alex Draper. He has a company that teaches leaders all about the main concept of the book - psychological safety. I'm grateful to Alex for his recommendation, because it is an incredibly influential book in my personal and professional world.

The concept of the book is that teams and individuals who have psychological safety are higher performing. Psychological safety is defined as "is broadly defined as a climate in which people are comfortable expressing and being themselves". People are more willing to make and admit to mistakes that allow them to get better. People are more willing to share thoughts and ideas that can make the group more innovative. People are engaged.

What struck me is how intuitive the information is - when you read it, it makes perfect sense. Yet, how many companies are not like this. I thought back on my career and realized that the times I felt joy at work and had the most success were when I was in a psychologically safe environment.

This is a huge foundational belief in everything I believe and teach in terms of managers.

Read this book - you'll find that it gives you the knowledge and the belief that when you treat people well and make them feel safe, you and your team will be better off.

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