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Book Review: Rookie Smarts by Liz Wiseman

I openly admit that when I picked this book up, I expected not to like it. The title was not something that I believed. How could a rookie - who knows so little - be better than an expert?

I'm glad I read it and didn't let the cover deceive me. The lesson is not that rookies are better than experts, but that experts are better when they think like rookies. Experts, through a natural progression, begin to think they know enough. They stop learning, questioning, and innovating. Even when they innovate, they do so through the lens of THEIR knowledge, instead of the lens of ALL knowledge.

What I loved most was the idea that the successful experts considered themselves perpetual rookies. They were always hungry to learn. They wanted to try something new.

This book is a great complement to Adam Grant's Think Again. It reinforces the idea that we need to continually challenge what we know.

Rating: Recommended

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