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Book Review: Deep Work by Cal Newport

Cal Newport has the life that many of us say we wish we had (although I question whether we would really be happy). He doesn't have email, rarely uses social media, and limits the times when people can disturb him.

This is the life he discusses in Deep Work. The principle of the book is that with all the distractions we have, we are not able to do our best work - or at least ground breaking work. I doubt anyone would disagree. However, Mr. Newport takes it to the extreme. I doubt it would work for me (you should read the book and judge for yourself).

Regardless of the level of deep work we do, it does take practice. The idea of setting a computer to Do Not Disturb and shutting ourself off to have big thoughts is challenging. As someone with elder parents and children, the thought of not having my phone on in case of an emergency is terrifying. Yet, how many distractions have hampered me because of that once-in-a-lifetime emergency?

I highly recommend this book. Once you understand it better, see how you can incorporate some deep work ideas into your habits. Then let me know what big thoughts you get!

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