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Book Review: Change the Culture, Change the Game

I totally enjoyed this book when I first read it and have gone back to it several times. It focuses on how the culture truly defines the success of a company and how it works. The thing that most struck me was not only that it provided the plan to change the culture, but it showed why those steps were so critical.

I actually was fortunate enough to work at a company when Roger and his team were trying to change its culture, so I got to see them work up close. I saw how the program is tightly integrated so that when you do one thing, it leads to the next.

The company I was at failed at the culture transformation, but not because of the program. Actually, it was because they felt they could "adapt" the program. What they meant was that they didn't want to do certain things - for whatever reason - and the program failed. They refused to see how the items worked together. When they would "skip" one, it impacted the rest so the impact was never achieved.

Rating: Recommended.

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