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Employees Have a Role in Making Managers Great

I spend a great deal of time and effort providing information and behaviors designed for the manager - all with the goal of making every manager great. The reality is that this knowledge and these behaviors greatly increase the chance that you will be a great manager.

There are no guarantees, though.

Great managers have to have great teams. This is through a combination of skilled team members and an environment that enables them to grow and contribute fully. The direct reports have a role and responsibility to help the manager be great.

For example, a great manager may do everything possible to build relationships and trust, but if the direct reports don't reciprocate, all efforts could fail.

Which mean great managers search for great employees and behave in a way that helps them grow. Just remember that great managers, great employees and great teams require everyone. It is why you have to be diligent and set reasonably high expectations.

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