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I Know What it Takes To Be a Great Manager

It isn't rocket science, but it takes dedication and effort. If you can learn and properly execute on the 13 behaviors that are part of the Great Manager program, you will succeed.

Any one can do these behaviors - you don't need special skills.

Even better, if you only learn one of them, you will see improvement. When you learn all 13, you take managing the team to a new level.

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I Know How Adults Learn Best

Busy adults don't have the time to go take a 2 day class where you learn 13 different things. 

I teach each behavior in a separate 60-minute session that covers the What, Why, and How of each behavior AND gives you the tools and information you need to start using the behavior IMMEDIATELY.

Which means you will get the benefits quickly.

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Added Incentive...

At the end of class, you will be given an assignment to exhibit the behavior in your job. If you do, and complete the validation instructions within 2 weeks of class, you will get a rebate of $30 (over 25% savings).

Yes! I pay you to do what I teach you.

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