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For whom is this program designed: new managers or experienced managers?

Anyone can benefit from this program. Newer managers will learn the right behaviors from the start which will make their transition to management easier and more successful. Experienced managers may not have gotten training or may have gotten some bad training, so the program can definitely help them.

How long does the program take?

The good news is that the program is self-study, so you go at your own pace. Each individual is different, so the exact time will depend on the person.

Do I have to follow the program in order, or can jump around?

The program is designed to be done in any order, so feel free to start with any topic that is important to you. For brand new managers, following the order can be helpful, but the content does not build on each other, so the order you complete the content doesn't matter.

No other manager in my company has taken the program, will this help or hurt me?

These are proven methods that work in almost any situation. No program is 100% guaranteed, but this program works for 90% of the people 90% of the time.

Do you offer 1-on-1 coaching?

Yes! I offer 50 minute coaching sessions that can cover any of the behaviors to help you succeed. The cost is $75/session for subscribers and $90/session for non-subscribers. Just email me for more information.

Why makes this program different?

There really are 3 factors that differentiate it from other management programs:

  1. Behaviors - the program teaches very specific behaviors, not "concepts". Things like leadership, communication, and accountability are concepts, not behaviors. This program specifies the behaviors that  enable these concepts and focuses on them.

  2. Time - classroom training can be effective, but has huge flaws. First, retention and behavior change is hard from a class. Second, few people have time for full-day or multiple day classes. This is designed to use your time wisely and enable you to learn and practice in your actual environment, where adults comprehend and retain information best.

  3. Cost - programs like these usually cost 3X - 10X what this one does. The intent of this program is to make it affordable to all managers, even if the company won't pay for it. When you look at it, the monthly cost is about the same as a Netflix subscription. It may not be as entertaining, but Netflix doesn't help you be a great manager.

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