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Great Managers achieve 2 things:

1. Get results

2. Build and engage strong teams.

It used to require hundreds of

hours of class time and thousands

of dollars to do this.


Behaviors Graphic.png

My Great Manager Program works through a simple process:

Program Process.png

Watch videos that explain the what, why, and how of the behavior (less than 20 minutes/behavior).

Do by practicing in your actual role, with your actual team. No role plays in a classroom setting that is unlike your job.

Reflect to learn what you did well and what you need to practice more.

Your Commitment:

  • 13 weeks (focusing on 1 behavior per week)

  • $49.99 (entitles you to all the materials)

You can then continue to refine and improve on these behaviors for only $14.99/month - cancel at any time.

Individual coaching is available for an extra fee.

Results you can expect:

  • You and your team get more done with higher quality.

  • Your team is more engaged.

  • You and your team will have more growth opportunities for career success.

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